Affordable Housing In ALABAMA

Have you every wanted to OWN a home but just couldn’t do it because of bad credit? You are probably not the only one. Many citizens cannot buy a home even though they have money. They generally rent. There is now a way for you to own a home instead of renting. Wouldn’t it be nice to won home for the same price of your rent? How about paying LESS than rent but you are paying towards your HOME?

Alabama Affordable Housing program (NOT SECTION 8 – HUD) is a program created by JP Real Estate Group LLC to provide low to medium income areas a chance to own a home.

Alabama Affordable Housing - Creating Home Owners

This program is a HOME OWNERSHIP program. Converting renters to HOME OWNERS.  This is a great thing. So you ask, what are the requirements? The requirements are not stiff like a bank. A down payment will be need (skin in the game). Due to the price range of the homes offered, the down payment range is $3,000 to $6,000 as a minimum. Let’s say you do not have cash but you have skills. That can be negotiated as part of the down payment, sweat for down payment.

The main goal for this program is to bring the pride of home ownership back. Helping folks to own a home.

Some of the requirements, but not limited to this list, are:

  • Has the ability to pay.
  • Has some down payment (must have some skin in the game)
  • Is ready to be a home owner (generally tired of renting)

If you are interested in the Alabama Affordable Housing program please do contact us.


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